Fashion of the Last Six Centuries
Ottos are simple, colorful, comfortable handcrafted unisex leather shoes. Each pair is completely hand made by Turkish craftsmen. These shoes have been made the exact same way over 600 years:

• All stitches are hand sewn
• Healthy and long lasting
• Made of five different leather varieties
• Vegetable dyes are used
• Rubber sole added to make them last longer
• Made in Turkey

They are the most practical and comfortable kind of daily shoe for centuries– and now, they’re back.

Dating past six centuries, the design of Otto Shoes originated in Yemen and spread to a vast area including Southeastern Anatolia over Aleppo. The unique craftsmanship was then was adopted throughout Anatolia, Gaziantep and Kahramanmaraş. As you admire the individuality of the shoes, you begin to dream about the olden times.

Healthy and Long Lasting
This design was born in the a time when labor was valuable and the goods were made to last. You will quickly understand why these handmade, healthy and long lasting shoes are so dear.

Choice Of Leather

Otto Shoes are made up of two parts: the hide and the face. Ox or buffalo hide make up the sole of the shoe and is supported with a sole strap. The face is made of saffian or buff that is glued to the back. The main reason why they are long lasting and reliable is the fact that they are made of five different leather varieties.

The face is made of goat skin, the inner lining is made of sheep skin, the foot bed is made of ox or goat skin, and the sides are made of kidskin. To make the shoe even more durable, we add a thick rubber sole to make them last and last.

All stitches are hand sewn
Sewn by the master shoemaker on the reverse side, the shoe is inversed and then shaped over the shoe. And the final touch – the shoe is trimmed from the sides and hemstitched.

Don’t you want a piece of that history?